• £7.95£8.95

    Tikka Masala (n)

    The Nation’s favourite dish, cooked insmooth tomato and nut gravy, flavored withlight spices and finished with cream.

  • £7.95

    Sag Chicken

    Medium spiced chicken cooked with fresh spinach.

  • £7.95£9.95


    A semi-dry dish cooked with fresh herbs,onion & tomato garnished with freshcoriander and fried onion.

  • £7.95£8.45

    Rogan Josh

    Cooked in tomato base sauce with uniqueblend of spices, garnished with several herbs touched with cream.

  • £7.95£9.95


    Homemade style curry cooked with specialspices & lentils, medium hot, sweet & sour. 

  • £7.95£9.95


    Famous Indian curry cooked with severalherbs & special medium sauce.

  • £7.95£9.95


    Cooked in green pepper, coriander seed,onion & tomato in special recipe of thicksauce

  • £7.95£9.95


    Fairly hot dish cooked with onion andtomato based gravy finished with coriander(can be spiced up on request)

  • £7.95£9.95


    Very popular dish cooked with fresh greenchilli with aromatic spices.

  • £8.45£8.95

    Korma (n)

    Rich cashew nuts & onion mixed gravy finish with coconut & fresh cream.

  • £8.45

    Sag Lamb

    Medium spiced lamb cooked withfresh spinach.

  • £8.75

    Butter Chicken (n)

    Butter based creamy sauce, cooked in richtomato with cashew nuts & almond finishedwith fenugreek.

  • £8.75£12.45


    Aromatic basmati rice flavoured withsaffron, cooked in a delicate blend of exoticspices & herbs, served with mixed veg. curry sauce.