Tandoori (Clay-Oven) Specials

Paneer Tikka/Shashlik (v) £6.95
Cottage cheese marinated with garlic, ginger paste and touched with cumin powder, grilled in Tandoor.
Chicken Tikka/Shashlik £7.95
Dices of succulent chicken breast marinated in a traditional spicy yoghurt mixture
Lamb Tikka/Shashlik £8.25
Tender pieces of spring lamb marinated with papaya and exotic spices cooked in clay oven.
Tandoori Chicken Half £6.95 Full £9.95
Smoked chicken on the bone in a crushed coriander and chilli garlic marinade, barbequed in Tandoor.
Marich ka Tikka £8.25
Chicken breast cubes marinated in garlic & crushed black pepper.
Tandoori King Prawn £11.95
King prawns flavored with various spices & tenderly cooked in Tandoor (touched with mustard paste).
Tandoori Mixed Grill £11.95
A selection of Tandoori items – chicken tikka, sheik kebab, tandoori chicken, king prawn and lamb tikka straight from clay oven.
Lamb Chops £9.95
Lamb chops marinated in a unique blend of Nepalese herbs and cooked in medium rare. Please ask the server for variations in medium rare.
Salmon Tikka £9.95
Succulent chunks of salmon marinated with Nepalese herbs cooked in Tandoor.