Onion Bhaji £2.95
Crisped fried sliced onions tossed in chaat masala.  
Vegetable/Meat Samosa £2.95
Hand rolled pastry a choice of vegetarian and minced lamb filling.  
Aloo Tikki £2.95
Fresh minced potato patty mixed with chopped onions and coriander with Nepalese spices.  
Garlic/Chilli Mushroom £2.95
Fresh mushroom tossed with garlic and chef special spices.  
Chicken Pakora £3.45
Spiced marinated boneless chicken battered with Chef’s special recipes.  
Chilli Chicken/Paneer £4.25
Soft cottage cheese/chicken stir-fried with capsicums, onion and green chilli.  
Prawn/Chicken Puri £4.45
Spicy prawn/chicken served with puri.  
Chicken Tikka £3.95
Dices of succulent chicken breast marinated in traditional spicy yoghurt mixture.  
Sheek Kabab £3.95
Minced Lamb flavored with ginger and garlic & Nepalese spices served with Chef’s special chutney  
Fish Chilly £4.95
Fresh water white fish stir-fried with capsicums, onion and green chilli.  
Chilli King Prawn £5.95
Fresh water king prawn mixed with capsicums, onion and garlic touched with fresh green chilli.